Self Portrait Sunday – Neglected

Self Portrait Sunday has been negleted for a while but with good reason. Have have made it a priority lately to look after myself a little better. Eating balanced meals that are appropriate in portion and getting a little more exercise have been the main focus so I have not spent anytime working on self portraits. I have lost about 30 pounds to date and I think that it is really noticeable in my face. The other day we were out for a photo walk at the University of Alberta and while we were in one of the buildings there was some pretty nice window light coming in. Since I did not have a subject I turned the camera on myself, and it is a little challenging holding a DSLR in your hand while trying to take a photo of yourslef. Lets just say framing is pretty limited… Anyway after seeing the photos of myself I thought that it would be cool to dig through some old photos and find one of the chubbier me. I liked this photo because it was simple and something that I could recreate pretty easy as it was simply a test of some new Pocket Wizards with my 580 EX II flash. So here is a before and after (after about 3 months) taking better care of myself. I know the expresions are pretty lame so I also included the photos from the University with some sillier faces 😉 Hope you enjoy!