How long will my photos be available in the online gallery?

Galleries will remain online for a period of 30 days. After this time the gallery will be removed from online viewing. If you wish to have this period extended please contact us in advance of it expiring to avoid viewing disruption or anytime after and we would be happy to extend viewing time or reload the online gallery for a fee based on length of time you wish it to remain available. You are welcome to share your gallery with friends and family if you wish to allow them to view and purchase prints as well.

How long do you keep my session photos for?

Since we provide you with a CD containing full resolution enhanced files from the session along with recommendations for archiving, we only archive your session photos for a period of 1 year. During this time a replacement copy of the CD or additional copies can be ordered for a fee. After this time a CD of the session will no longer be available from us.

Do I get the digital files from my session?

Yes. The files provided are enhanced full resolution and ready for print.

Can I make my own prints?

Yes, you will have “home use rights” for your images. This means that you can do pretty much anything you want with them as long as you do not claim them as your own or generate any income for yourself or the people you share them with.

Why should I order enlargements from you instead of just printing from the CD?

Printing photos from the CD will print adequately for smaller sizes (less than 8×10) through a typical 1 hour photo lab; however the quality these labs can provide is no match for appearance, color accuracy, or durability of a professionally printed enlargement. Enlargements printed by us are printed through a professional lab on high quality photo paper with a variety of finishes, textures, UV coatings, and mounting options available. Please check our pricing section  for more information about print services and products offered through us.

What is included on the “Hi Quality CD of the best images”?

The CD contains full resolution enhanced files of the best images from the session, a folder with web sized files that can be shared online or via email and a document with recommendations for printing and archiving.

What is a typical children’s/family session like?

For all children’s and family sessions we spend a few moments getting to know your children by talking with them and letting them get comfortable and curious. If we are in the studio we show them the equipment (cameras, lights), ask them if they want to press the button to take a picture, fire the lights and become familiar with the “tools” we will be using. If we are on location (playground, park…) then we have less equipment to show them and more space to explore. In this case we just try to keep up with everyone for a more lifestyle/documentary approach. We will observe and capture true moments of your children’s and family interactions as well as provide some direction when needed. We work at the children’s pace and never force them to sit for a shot. Frequent breaks are taken to let children play and explore.

What is a typical engagement/couples session like?

Coming Soon

Can I tell you what type of session and photos I want?

Absolutely! What better way is there to show your individual style and personality than in your photos? We are always open to ideas and actually prefer if you have some of your own. This helps make the session uniquely yours and if the idea comes from you then you will probably feel more comfortable and that will show in the photos. This works very well when both the subject and photographer are creating ideas together during a session. We can work from both a shot list and still be spontaneous and flexible at the same time.

What should I wear to my session?

For a classic, elegant look, keep it simple with plain and unobtrusive clothes. No crazy patterns, lines, dots or bright colors – just understated basics that allow the focus to be on you and not your clothing.
Choose colors in earth tones – blues, greens, browns, burgundies, tans, etc. Darker colors are generally better than light colors
Avoid short sleeved tops or shorts. When arms and legs are exposed and there’s lots of skin visible it can be a distraction from the main focal point of the photo
For groups everyone should wear complimentary colors and outfits. The outfits and colors do not have to be identical to look good, but you don’t want everyone in dark green and one person in bright red.
If you want to get a little casual or crazy with your look then you have total freedom of what to wear!